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Cause Number: In the interest of In the (Court Number) , District Court First, Middle and Last Name of the Child a child. County Court of: County, Texas Respondent?s Original Answer My name is: .
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my name is Michael Busby I'm an attorney in Houston Texas and I work in dissolution of marriages family law and divorce in Harris County you have nine family law judges out of those nine Femina judges who are elected each one is hired an associate so therefore you have 18 judges that you could go in front of for your family law matter now my firm appears almost daily in Harris County Texas family courts as I appear daily in those courts I'm not in every court every day although I in a week time I can tell you that I'm more likely than not in every court in a five-day period so I sit through docket call i watch the judges rule and I try cases in front of the judges that's very important in choosing your family law lawyer to make sure that they know the system each judge has their own philosophy and they rule based on of course the facts and they apply the law to the facts but you just you have judges that are set in their ways to say that one is biased whether it's gender or race of course we're not going to say that but to say you get a handicap because of your sex and therefore you need to make it up in some other fashion or some other way is something that is is true folk so I just tell you right now now knowing also whether or not you're going to have court on that day because of that courts internal rules and and their logistics is also something that can save you time and money you may have to subpoena some people to show up at hearings and maybe police officers that may be physicians and those subpoenas are only 150 to 200 dollars a piece and if the odds are you're going to be reset because that court requires mediation before temporary orders hearing or that court has a history of not hearing you on the same day that your case is called and they generally what they do is they preferentially set you for a date out in the future and so I mean that can also save you some money too so as someone who frequently appears in the Harris County family law system Harris County family law courts I'm here to tell you that we have the experience and the knowledge to get you the results that you need to put you back on the right track I know that this is a you're losing your security this is a trying moment of your life and there are certain things that their site has done to you that's you that it's personal I mean you've had a physical relationship with this person for years and as you've had that relationship and things go south and your finances are going to be partitioned you're going to lose your partner there's a lot of anxiety that that you have because of this and to say that you can trust your spouse you may you may very well can trust your spouse and y'all divorces friends and I understand but at the same time that's something you want to have someone who's on your side and who's there to protect you and knows how the system works and can get you in and out there...